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56 Products


QHP outerwear for horse riding

For suitable outerwear for horse riding you have come to the right address at QHP. Outerwear clothing is a broad concept, it includes various items of clothing. Like, jackets & sweaters, competition jackets and horse riding shirts.

Jackets & sweaters for horseback riding

QHP outerwear includes jackets & sweaters. There are riding jackets which protect you against different weather conditions. Like a riding rain jacket, winter jacket or in-between jacket. A rain jacket keeps wind and rain out. Winter jackets have the same function, plus they are warmer. In addition, you can choose from a long or short jacket. Sweaters are nice to wear during cool summer nights. You easily put on a sweater when the weather get’s a bit colder. A sweater can be worn over a riding shirt.

Competition jackets

Competition jackets are also part of QHP outerwear. You can find different kinds and sizes of competition jackets in the wide assortment of QHP. There are short tailcoats and fitted competition jackets. You can also vary in colour and details. Look quickly which competition jacket appeals to you the most. And maybe soon you will ride your next victory in a new QHP outfit.

Riding shirts

Riding shirts cannot be missing in your wardrobe. Because you can vary endlessly with shirts. They are available in different colours and prints. This makes it easy to create a different look. The shirts from collections can be matched with other products, like saddle pads en ear nets. This way, you and your horse are both in the same style. You can also come to QHP for competition shirts. Buy the most beautiful QHP competition shirt matching your competition jacket and you are ready for the competition.

Buy outer clothing at QHP

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