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Steal the show at your next competition with one of our sporty and elegant competition jackets.

12 Products

12 Products

Competition jackets for horse riding

When you are looking for a fine competition jacket for during riding competitions, then you are at the right address at QHP. It is important to have a well-fitting competition jacket for at competitions. At QHP there are competition jackets available in different sizes and colours. So there is always one that suits you.

Different QHP competition jackets to shine at competition

There is an extensive offer in competition jackets. A distinction can be made between children's sizes, adult sizes, color, but also in the type of jacket. For example, a luxury short tailcoat, available for both children and adults. There is also an offer for men, these jackets often look tougher. Finally, the details are also important. Some jackets are finished with glitter and others with coloured piping. The choice is yours.

Important properties QHP competition jackets

It is important to pay attention to a number of things when choosing a competition jacket. There are different designs. A short tailcoat is shorter at the front, this ensures a chic appearance. There are tailored jackets, there are jackets with mesh for ventilation and the thickness of the fabric can also vary. In addition, you can choose from a zipper or buttons. So look carefully at the product specifications to see what appeals to you.

Store your competition jacket

When you have selected your perfect competition jacket, you want it to stay nice and clean. Stains can easily be removed after a competition. If you want to wash your competition jacket, check the washing instructions. Then store your competition jacket in a QHP Clothing bag and hang it on a hanger. In this way you can enjoy your new purchase the longest.

Buy QHP competition jacket

For the purchase of a QHP competition jacket you go to your nearest QHP dealer. You can find the QHP dealers via the Storelocator. When you want to stay informed about the newest collections, then follow us on Facebook and Instagram.