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11 Products

11 Products

Riding jackets and sweaters

QHP offers a wide range of jackets and sweaters for horseback riding. Riding jackets can be used during different weather conditions and seasons. Also sweaters are available at QHP. Riding sweaters are easy to put on over an outfit for example in the summer when it becomes colder. Also in the winter a riding sweater is nice, so at least you don't get cold.

Riding jackets

In the wide assortment of QHP you can find several riding coats. You can choose from rain coats, winter coats, soft shell coats and summer coats. In addition, you also have the choice of the type of jacket. Such as a long or short jacket. A long coat is often made so that you can go horse riding with it. Then, for example, the jacket has a zipper at the back. This is easy to unzip so that you have more freedom of movement for horseback riding.

Horse riding sweaters

QHP has sturdy sweaters for horseback riding which can be worn all year round. Some sweaters are provided with a hood. The hood can then be attached by means of a press stud. So that this does not bother you while riding.

Horse riding jackets and sweaters purchase at QHP

In the QHP range, jackets and sweaters are available in different colours and sizes. They are also available with a trendy print. For the purchase of a riding jacket or riding sweaters you go to your nearest QHP dealer. You can find the QHP dealers via the Store locator. When you want to stay informed about the newest collections, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.