Lunging Whips

Lunging whips in different types, sizes and colours. Which one is your favorite?

4 Products

4 Products

Lunging whips

When you are lunging your horse, a lunging whip is handy to use. You can then easily let your horse walk on the circle and remain standing in the middle. With a lunging whip you can easily give aids to your horse without standing close by. Lunging is good for your horse. In fact, it allows you to train your horse. You can vary the work on the circle. You can also work with bars.

Different lunging whips

There are lunging whips in different lengths available. The length varies between 120cm and 200cm. The length you need depends on what you think it’s most comfortable. For children, a shorter lunging whip is most comfortable. Lunging whips come in all kinds of trendy colours. From pink lunging whip to green lunging whip. That way you can match the whip with the lunge girth or leg protectors. Anything is possible when it comes to colour. But of course, there is also just a black lunging whip.

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