Whips & Spurs

Whips and spurs in all shapes, sizes and colours: which type do you go for?

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44 Products


Whips and spurs

Spurs and whips can be used as an aid while horse riding. Riding spurs are metal braces that you can fasten around your boot at the level of your ankle. They have a pin or wheel, with these you can refine the aids you give to your horse. A riding whip is an extension of your arm, you can encourage or correct your horse with it.

Different riding whips

In the assortment of QHP you can find different whips. There are dressage whips, jumping whips, lunging whips and children's whips. Riding whips come in different lengths. For example, in jumping, you may use a jumping whip of up to max. 75 cm. In dressage, you may use a dressage whip of max. 100 cm for ponies and a whip of max. 1.20 for horses. When lunging or doing horsemanship, you can use a lunging whip as an aid. You can also find children's whips in our assortment. These have fun colours and figures such as a unicorn.

Different spurs

It differs per horse and rider which pair of riding spurs fits. There are blunt and knob spurs, which have a mild effect on the horse. There are also rolling spurs, these prevent skin irritation. Very suitable for horses with sensitive skin.

Spur straps and protectors

Spurs are attached to the boot. To protect your riding boot, special spur protectors are available. With their chic look, they complete your riding outfit. You can change spur straps, there are different spur straps available in the QHP assortment. So you can vary in colour, but also in glitter or chic stones. You can also choose to use spurs with rubber, which also protects the riding boot against possible scratches.

Order whips and spurs

For the purchase of riding spurs and riding whips you go to your nearest QHP dealer. You can find the QHP dealers via the Store locator. When you want to stay informed about the newest collections, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.