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Competition, training or a relaxed outside ride: we have the perfect breeches for every occasion.

15 Products

15 Products

QHP riding breeches ladies

A trendy pair of riding breeches for ladies that also fits comfortably, that is what everybody wants. Riding breeches must be comfortable in the stable, so that you can move well. But also during riding the breeches have to be comfortable and offer freedom of movement. Do you like the luxury details or rather nice and casual, at QHP you have a wide choice in women's riding breeches and tights. Of course the season also plays a part. In the summer you prefer a thin breech and in the winter a breech that offers warmth. Therefore take a look at the breeches assortment of QHP. Here you find breeches in all sorts, sizes and colors.

Ladies breeches or riding tights

In the QHP assortment you find riding breeches and riding tights for ladies. Riding tights are more elastic than riding breeches, it also features an elasticated waistband. The breeches are often made of thicker material and close with a zipper and button. Each person has a different preference.

Different women's riding breeches

There are riding tights available in all kinds of colors. When you want to ride competitions you probably want white ladies breeches or riding tights. You can also choose from different types of grip. Like a full grip seat or only with knee grip. Grip ensures that you slide less in the saddle. The preferences for this can differ from person to person. That's why it is important to try on a pair of riding breeches or tights. So you know for sure that it fits you well.

Buy ladies riding breeches or tights

For the purchase of a pair of ladies QHP breeches or riding tights you go to your nearest QHP dealer. You find the QHP dealers via the Store locator. If you want to stay informed about the latest collections, follow us on Facebook and Instagram.