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Fun and colourful breeches for children. In all shapes and sizes.

11 Products

11 Products

QHP breeches kids

A tough black riding breeches or a chic pink riding breeches. At QHP you will find all colours and sizes of breeches for children. Children must be able to play and ride horse carefree. A riding breeches for children must therefore be solid and comfortable. Also for children who want to ride competition there are nice white competition breeches. Furthermore, there are different colours and designs to choose from. Take a look at the QHP assortment riding breeches junior for all riding breeches for boys and girls.

Riding breeches or riding tights for kids

Also children can choose from riding breeches or riding tights at QHP. A riding tights is more elastic than riding breeches, also by means of the elastic waistband. A riding breeches is often made of a thicker fabric and closes by means of a zipper and button. It is different for each child what they prefer. A tip is to try on both and then make your choice.

Different riding breeches for children

There are nice colourful riding breeches available in different shapes and sizes for children. White riding breeches for competitions are also part of the wide range of junior riding breeches. In addition to the colour, you can also choose from different types of grip. For example, you have full grip, where the entire seat is fitted with grip. But you can also choose only knee grip. Grip often consists of silicone or fabric. Grip ensures that children slide less in the saddle and therefore sit more stable.

Buy riding breeches or riding tights for children

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