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39 Products


QHP Riding breeches

A good riding breeches is important to be able to ride. A riding breeches provide grip, safety and comfort. What riding breeches you need depends on a number of factors. Besides your size and colour, there are different types of riding breeches. The choice for a good riding breeches also depends on the season and the occasion. Look for all QHP riding breeches in the wide assortment of QHP.

Riding breeches or riding tights

Nowadays there is so much choice and it’s not easy to pick the perfect riding breeches or tights. Besides breeches for riding, there are also riding tights available. The difference is in the fabric and fastening. Riding breeches are made of sturdy material and often less elastic than riding breeches. In addition, riding breeches have a zipper and button closure. A riding breeches closes through the elastic waistband.

Grip on your riding breeches

When you have made a choice in riding tights or riding breeches, you can also choose between with or without grip. Full grip breeches have grip on the entire seat. You can also choose to have grip on the seat only or on the inside of your thigh. Grip often consists of silicone or fabric. It makes you slide less in the saddle.

Variety in your riding breeches

Men, children or women, riding breeches or riding tights are available for everyone. Quickly take a look at the assortment and look at all QHP riding breeches. Beige or black, cool or chic, because of the different colours there is a fine riding breeches for everyone.

Buy riding breeches

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