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Bridle Salerno


Bridle Salerno is an anatomical bridle that allows freedom for the sensitive parts of the head. The browband is softly padded and anatomically shaped. The noseband is positioned freely around the horse's head's main nerve, preventing any pressure.

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  • Material: leather
  • Hardware material: brass
  • Bridle with anatomical shape
  • The bridle leaves sensitive parts of the head free
  • Equipped with a softly padded headpiece with anatomical shape
  • The noseband is positioned around the main nerve of the head, preventing pressure
  • Easily fasten the throat latch with a buckle
  • Matching with the other Salerno items
  • Clean the leather with a cleaner and then rub the leather with leather balm. Preferably, do not use oil, as it may cause the stitches to come loose.

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