Dressage Whips

Shine through the ring with our dressage whips with fashionable handles.

9 Products

9 Products

Dressage whips

You can use a dressage whip to encourage or correct your horse. A dressage whip is an extension of your hand. You can use the dressage whip as an aid while riding. Whips are available in beautiful colors and with trendy handles. For example, there are handles with glitter or multiple colors.

Dressage whip length

There are different lengths of dressage whips available. When you ride competitions, it is important to know what length whip you are allowed to ride with. Dressage whips are often between 90 and 120 cm. At competitions with your pony you can use a whip of max. 100 cm long. With horses, your dressage whip may be up to 120 cm. 

Using a dressage whip

When you get into higher dressage, whips are no longer allowed at competitions. A dressage whip is therefore also called a tool. You can use the whip to teach your horse the aids and refine them. Such as making your horse more active. Or to teach your horse new exercises. So that you no longer need the dressage whip.

Order your dressage whip

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