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When you have to go out with your horse in the dark, it is important that you are clearly visible. Other road users should not overlook you and your horse. It often happens that people think they are visible. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. Car drivers can be very frightened when they see you and your horse at the last moment. It is best to avoid going out on the road with your horse in the dark. When it is necessary, be well prepared. With the reflection articles of QHP you are more visible.

Reflection rider

Whether you sit on your horse or walk next to it; in both cases reflection is important. When you’re horse riding or walk beside it, both times reflection is important. You can wear a reflective vest. A reflective vest is easy to wear over your outfit. The vest has reflective stripes on the torso and shoulders. The reflective strips are easy to attach by means of a zipper in the front.

Reflection horse

The more reflection, the better. That’s why there are reflective leg bands for your horse. As the name suggests, these are intended for around your horse's legs. Using reflective leg bands around all four legs is preferred. It becomes more obvious to other road users that they are dealing with a horse. There are also special riding rugs. These rugs are made of reflective material. There are reflective rugs that cover the entire horse. But there are also reflective rugs that leave the shoulder free. The rugs are easy to attach. And provide even more safety on the road.

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