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Dressage girth Air Mesh


The air mesh dressage girth is composed of several layers. On the outside is an open polyester mesh structure.

Underneath, the girth features Air cycle neoprene (Air TPG).
This recycled material is breathable, features air holes for improved air circulation and provides good shock absorption.

Underneath the Air cycle neoprene is 6mm memory foam, allowing the girth to shape to your horse. This also provides extra shock absorption and good pressure distribution. On the inside of the memory foam is a special cooling lining, so your horse will sweat less.

The girth contains a ring in the middle for attaching an training aid, for example. The triple elastic at both ends makes for easy girthing and offers extra comfort.

Do you want to know which size is best for your horse?
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  • Composition outside: 100% polyester  
  • Composition lining inside: 100% polyester
  • Anatomical dressage girth made of Air cycle neoprene (Air TPG)
  • Recycled material
  • The material is breathable, has air holes and offers good shock absorption 
  • The girth is equipped with anatomic roller buckles
  • The girth includes a ring in the middle for attaching, for example, a training aid
  • With triple elastic at both ends for easy girth tightening and additional comfort