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Flies can cause a lot of irritation for your horse. This fly trap catches the flies and ensures a more calm horse. The trap needs to be placed 10 to 15 meters away from the stable or pasture and will do its job for at least four weeks. After then, the bait can be refilled and the trap can catch up to 60.000 flies again. The bait is bio-degradable and chemical free.


  • Outdoor fly trap with bio-degradable bait
  • Catches up to 60.000 flies with each fill
  • Only add 1,2 L of water to bait
  • Bait will last at least four weeks
  • Needs to be placed 10 to 15 meters away from the stables or pasture
  • Re-usable multiple times because of the refill
  • Diameter: 22 cm
  • Sold to the retailer in a box of four pieces
  • Refill bait available separately
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