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Girth PerformFree all purpose

Girth PerformFree all purpose
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The PresTeq PerformFree girth is an innovative and anatomical girth developed in a way that the horse experiences optimal comfort and freedom of movement.  

The special shape of the girth, created after extensive research into the horse's anatomy, biomechanics and behavior, ensures optimal pressure distribution and prevents excessive pressure on the sternum. Combined with the extra soft gel padding in selected areas, this is the girth to give your horse the opportunity to perform to its maximum potential without any obstacles. 

The shape of the girth follows the curve behind the forelegs, creating more freedom of movement. In addition, the narrow sections of the girth provide less pressure on the horse's ribs and the wide surface provides better pressure distribution over the sternum. The buckles lie between the muscle attachments, reducing pressure on the muscle attachments themselves. These points not only create more freedom of movement, but the PerformFree girth also improves the horse's breathing and comfort.

The girth consists of round shapes, which combined with the padding provides optimal pressure distribution over the horse's body. This helps reduce or even prevent possible girth envy. With these anatomical aspects, the PerformFree girth stands out as a unique choice within its category.


  • Material leather: vegetable-tanned leather
  • Material hardware: stainless steel
  • Anatomically shaped and innovative girth
  • The girth does not hinder the horse's movement of the foreleg. Its shape follows the curve behind the front legs, allowing more freedom of movement for the elbows. The additional space enables the horse to increase its forward stride.
  • The narrower sections of the girth reduce pressure on the horse's ribs. Extra thick and soft padding is placed at the front of these cutouts near the front legs, providing additional comfort for the horse.
  • At the sternum, the girth has a wider surface. This, combined with the thickness of the material and gel padding, ensures optimal pressure distribution.
  • The girth consists solely of rounded shapes, preventing pressure points on the horse's skin and fascia.
  • The buckles of the girth lie between the muscle attachments of the Latissimus Dorsi and Serratus Ventralis, reducing pressure on the muscle attachments during the peak load of tightening. Additionally, the girth is equipped with gel padding under the buckles, contributing to better pressure distribution.
  • Equipped with a 'house-shaped' ring for attaching trainings aids. Additionally, the versatile girth features D-rings on both sides. Because there is a magnet incorporated into the leather, the metal rings remain firmly in place during the horse's movements and are not bothered by either rider or horse.
  • The girths feature stainless steel roller buckles. These buckles are anatomically shaped to minimize pressure points beneath the buckles.
    For the dressage girth, both buckles are attached to the same piece of elastic. This prevents one girth strap from applying more pressure than the other.
  • The versatile girth has triple elastic on both sides, providing the necessary freedom of movement for the horse to breathe and move unhindered. The elastic is sufficiently sturdy, preventing the saddle from shifting.
  • The elastic of the dressage girth is concealed under the leather, serving as a checkpoint for a snug girth. When the elastic becomes more visible to the rider, there is no need to tighten further; the horse still has enough breathing room.
  • The added relief at the front of the girth makes it easy to see how to properly position the girth.
  • The dressage girth features loops for the girth straps. These should be used to prevent girth sliding. If the girth straps are laid over these loops instead of through them, the loops can create additional pressure points, potentially leading to girth discomfort. The loop with the PresTeq logo is designed to easily thread the end of the girth straps through.
  • It's essential when using the girths (any girth), never to tighten too much. The best place to feel if the girth is tight enough is not under the buckles but on the horse's sternum. Due to the anatomical points and optimal pressure distribution of the PresTeq girth, it contributes to limiting or even preventing girth discomfort.

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