Bridle Icelandic Frosti


This striking Icelandic bridle has a brow band with silver and black scattered rhinestones and a Celtic knot shape. The padded noseband is inlaid with the same rhinestones and features a removable flash strap.

Want to know what size your horse needs? Check out the size chart.


  • Material: cow leather
  • Material hardware: stainless steel
  • Icelandic bridle with removable flash strap
  • When the flash strap is removed the attachment can be removed from the noseband as well
  • Noseband is softly padded 
  • Browband in the shape of a celtic knot
  • Noseband and cheekpiece can be adjusted at the crownpiece
  • Provided with matching web reins
  • The leather used is naturally tanned (only naturally tannic acids are used which aren't harmful for the environment) 

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