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Breastplate with handle


The breastplate with handle is suitable for riding, for example, young horses, but also for beginner and insecure riders. The handle is round-stitched for better grip and additionally provides the rider with more stability in the saddle.

The breastplate features a long bridge that allows for more shoulder freedom and an even distribution of pressure on the horse's chest!

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  • Material: leather 
  • Material hardware: stainless steel
  • Breastplate with handle
  • Suitable for riding for example young horses in the beginning of their training
  • The breastplate is also suitable for beginner and insecure riders.
  • The handle is rounded for more grip
  • The handle gives the rider more stability in the saddle 
  • The shape of the breastplate provides more shoulder freedom
  • The breastplate has a long bridge to ensure even pressure on the horse's chest 
  • Equipped with three attachment points 
  • Equipped with padding against abrasion 

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