1 November 2022

Blog - Stay warm this winter with our winter collection!      

Winter is just around the corner and the winter collection is in stores. Which clothes will keep you warm in the stable or while riding? In this blog we take you through our items which are very suitable for cold winter days!       

We go to our faithful four-legged friend day in and day out. We brave the cold to give our buddies the best care. Warm clothing supports us during our work, but also while riding. The Raquel riding tights, for example, keep your legs nice and warm. This is due to the soft brushed inside. The inside is warm but also insulates well and therefore perfect for cold weather. Combine this riding leggings with thermo shirt Loua. The shirt is the ideal training shirt for the winter. The inside has a special print that regulates body heat and keeps you warm.  

Of course, a warm coat cannot be missing from your winter wardrobe. The Linde jacket from our winter collection is very suitable. This jacket is not only warm but you can also ride with it. The back contains a zipper so you can unzip it when you get on the horse. Also, the hood can be fastened while riding so that the hood does not blow in all directions.

Winter conditions are not always ideal. If you spend a lot of time outdoors then good boots or jodphurs are very welcome. Outdoor boot Daan, for example, is a tough and warm boot made of leather. The lining keeps your feet warm while the sturdy rubber sole ensures good grip. Jodphur Calgary is also suitable for the winter. This thermo jodphur has a warm lining of imitation fur and thus also keeps your feet nice and warm.

There is, of course, much more to discover from our collection. Accessories such as beanies, gloves and socks can of course not be missed. Are you curious what else we offer this winter? Then take a look at the rest of the collection here.

We understand that you are now rushing to the nearest store! Check out the store locator here and have fun shopping!

Pssst: don't forget your four-legged friend! Check out the winter collection for your horse here.