1 May 2023

Blog - Review Summer Glow

The days are getting longer and the temperatures are more enjoyable. Great, summer is on its way! The winter rugs can go back in your wardrobe and it is time for a light summer rug. The Summer Glow show rug is specially made for the summer temperatures. What does our colleague Lisa think of this summer rug?

Fine material

Lisa: “I was able to test the Summer Glow rug and the matching head collar in the colour Blush with my horse I am Princess. What I noticed right away was that the rug is made of a very fine fabric. The fabric is thin and breathable. This is nice for when the temperatures rise further, then the rug does not get too hot. The head collar is padded with velvet at the noseband and headpiece, making it soft and comfortable for my horse.”


“The head collar is lined with velvet, but the show rug also has velvet details. This makes the rug and head collar fit together nicely. On the side it says 'Equestrian Sports' in rhinestones, I like this very much. It is a nice rug for trainings and competitions, because it has a luxurious look. I actually think it's a waste to put on the rug in the field!"

These items are part of the Summer Glow collection and are available in different colours. View the entire collection here. Find your nearest QHP dealer via our store locator.