2 October 2022

Blog - Ready to get spooked? Halloween is coming!

Lights, pumpkins, scary decorations, spiders and costume parties. Then of course we are talking about the scariest tradition of the year, Halloween! Yearly on October 31, Halloween is celebrated. Have you already completed your outfit?

Halloween ideas

Autumn is here, time for Halloween. What can you do with your horse on Halloween? Dressing up of course! For an exciting outdoor ride, photo shoot or costume contest. You can think of many things with dressing up. Besides decorating your horse, you can also transform yourself into a real Halloween freak!

Transform your horse into a scary monster

Time to gather stuff and transform your horse into a scary monster! Let's start with the tail and mane. After combing out the tail, you can put in a cool hair extension. The extension has purple, black and orange hair and on the top is a Halloween figure! In the mane you attach mane bows with scary Halloween characters. But then the look is not complete. At the headpiece of the bridle you can attach scary accessories such as ghosts or spiders figures, yikes! Finally, you complete your look with bridle charms, a Halloween earnet or a witch hat. Your horse is now transformed into a real Halloween horse! All Halloween items are available in different designs. So you can choose everything in devil style or all items with ghosts, pumpkin or spiders! Look quickly at the Halloween items which designs are in store.

Your perfect Halloween outfit

Now that your horse is all in style, of course you can't stay behind! To go along with the style of your horse, you can wear a cool cap cover. These are also available in different designs. This also goes for the scary knee socks and the matching whip. Now you and your horse are totally ready for October 31st, let's have fun!

Check out the store locator and go quickly to your nearest dealer. Happy Halloween!