14 April 2020

Blog - Sedna for sensitive horses

The Q-Cross collection has been specially designed for eventing and features bridle and breast plate Sedna. Both have a gel padding which divides pressure evenly. The bridle is designed to avoid pressure point on the horses head. It sound great, but does it really work? Sabine, Amber and Emma will tell you!

Sabine Wenning

Sabine: ‘I am happy with the bridle and breast plate. The set looks great and is friendly for the horse because of the special design. The noseband and the crown piece of the bridle forms to the shape of the horse with the gel padding. The breast plate features a gel padding as well and is super comfortable for the horse. I really like that the noseband can be shifted, so you can adjust it to every horses nose.'

Amber van Heghe

Amber: ‘The bridle rally surprised me! My horse is very sensitive about pressure behind the ears and on the nose. With this bridle he isn’t bother by this at all. The bridle has a great fit, the leather is supple and easy in maintenance. I wouldn’t want any other bridle!’

Emma Lawton

Emma: ‘I love the design of the Sedna bridle, the head piece and nose band have a leather covered gel padding which prevents pressure points and ensures the horse is comfortable in the sensitive areas. The head piece is also shaped to fit around the horses ears better and to spread any pressure over a larger area. The noseband is really adjustable, I really love this bridle!’

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