13 April 2022

Blog - Rugs in the summer: when do you use which rug?

The nice weather is coming, if all goes well. The time of the rug change is almost here. In this blog we tell you which rug you can use when and we highlight some rugs from our summer collection. After reading this blog you will know exactly when to use which rug. Read on quickly! 

When to use a summer rug?

You often use a summer rug for the fresh summer days or for the cool summer evenings. You can also use a summer rug on the cool days when your horse is sensitive to flies and insects.

Is it really cold and does it rain a lot? Then a rain rug with 0 grams or fleece lining is also very suitable. Click here for the 0 gram rug and here for the rug with fleece lining.

Highlight: Rug microfiber collection

This thin rug is made of microfiber fabric. The fabric is suitable to use after rinsing or washing your horse. The fabric absorbs well and ensures that your horse dries quickly. Besides that you can use this rug as a summer rug for the fresh summer days. In short, a rug that you can use for multiple occasions. Click here to view the microfiber rug.  

When to use a fly rug?

If your horse gets bitten a lot by flies or other insects, a fly rug is very suitable. The light fabric makes fly rugs suitable for the hot summer days. If your horse is (over)sensitive to flies and insects you can also use a fly rug in the stable.

Is it warm but there is a lot of rain? Then the combo fly rug is very suitable. This rug keeps your horse also dry. Click here for the fly rug combo. 

Highlight: Fly rug Collection

This fly rug from the summer collection is suitable to protect your horse against flies and other insects. The fly rug is made of airy mesh fabric and is decorated with a star print over the entire rug. The blanket has a good fit, is equipped with a sturdy chest closure, cross surcingles and a soft fleece insert at the withers. Have you become curious? Check out the fly rug here.

Highlight: Fly rug collection neck + hat

Does your horse need more protection than just a rug? Then this fly rug is the blanket for your horse. This rug has a loose neck and fly hood, so you can remove it when the mosquitoes and insects are less active. The rug has a belly flap that fits snugly and double attachment with hook and loop fasteners and webbing to prevent sliding. View the rug here.

Have you already been able to make a choice or do you want to know which blankets are in our assortment? Check out the rest of the collection here.

Enjoy the summer and have fun shopping!

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