7 June 2021

Blog - review sports shirt Lotte

It's time for another review of our summer collection! This time it is the turn of sports shirt Lotte. The shirt is ideal for the warmer days, because the fabric is not only light and airy, but also UV-protective. Our sponsor rider Angela Lakenberg tested the sport shirt. Curious what she thinks of it? Then read on.

Light & Supple

Angela: "The first thing I noticed about the sports shirt when I took it out of the package was how light and supple the fabric is. Furthermore I thought the shirt looked very 'classy' but still sporty because of the zip at the front and the text 'equestrian sports' in a glittery print on the side of the sleeve.

When I put the shirt on, I immediately noticed how cool and breathable the fabric felt, especially since the bottom of the sleeves and the front of the shoulders have a mesh insert."

Stretch fabric

"The stretch fabric made the shirt feel very comfortable from the start and it has a nice fit. The sleeves are of a good length, rather on the long side which I personally like. You often see this kind of shirts with short sleeves, which makes them look too small.

The collar of the sports shirt is made of a slightly firmer material so that it stays upright. You could also fold the collar over so that it lies flat. Personally, I think the collar looks better upright, so you have more of a sporty look.

Also on cooler days you can easily wear a cardigan over it without the shirt feeling uncomfortable. Here too you keep that 'classy look' because you can see the collar.”

Strong material and less sweating

"My only fear about this sports shirt was that the mesh part was so thin that it would break easily. I have worn the shirt enough, also during the daily 'frolic' with the young horses, that I am now sure that the shirt is strong enough and will not break!

Thanks to the mesh insert, you sweat a lot less, and if you do sweat, it dries quickly without causing any problems. The big sweaty spots under your armpits (which I really hate) are history with this shirt! That makes this shirt also very suitable for higher temperatures, despite the long sleeves, which you don't notice because the material is so thin.

I have enjoyed testing the sports shirt and would definitely recommend it for the coming (summer) season!"

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