27 October 2020

Blog - Review instant heating shirt Bodil

One of the items from our new winter collection is the instant heating shirt Bodil. A comfortable sport shirt with a special print on the inside. Our sponsor riders Joni, Amber and Caitlin tested the shirt and are happy to tell you about their experience.


Caitlin: “I think the fabric is amazing. It’s super flowy and nicely fitted. It’s not too tight and not too loose. I can comfortably make every movement. The shirt is warm, but certainly not sweaty! The fabric on the end of the arms which can be folded over are a superb invention. This way you can tuck your entire hands in the shirt. If you have to do chores where you cannot wear gloves, this is perfect. Or just to warm your fingers. I would even wear the shirt when I’m not at the horses!”

Joni: “I really like wearing the shirt. The shirt fits comfortably and looks nice. Good for training, at a show or at home. While riding I really like the elasticity of the shirt. It moves along to all your movements.”

Amber: “The fit is very comfortable, the shirt has a close-fitting model and it’s perfect to tuck into your breeches if you want that. The only downside is that the sleeves are quite long, but I solve this by rolling up the sleeves. I think the standing collar is also a big plus on this shirt. On colder days I really like that it keeps my neck warm without having to wear a scarf. If it’s just a bit too warm, you can open the zipper. I for example close the zipper before and after riding, but when riding I open it a little.”


Caitlin: “The colour is super cool! Really bright but so beautiful. It looks perfect on jeans breeches.”

Joni: “I immediately thought: what a beautiful shirt! Sporty, but still with classy looks. Very nice.”

Amber: “It is a simple shirt which you can combine with many breeches. The print on the sleeve end, the reflective seams and the QHP badge on the chest give it a sporty look.”

Heating print

Joni: “I was curious if a fairly thin fabric could really keep me warm, but I’m positively surprised! What a lovely comfortable shirt. It keeps me perfectly warm now it’s fall and it’s cooling down outside. If it’s a little too warm, you can simply open the zipper of the collar. And even though the shirt keeps you warm, it’s not very sweaty. The fabric is still breathable.”

Amber: ''What immediately stood out when I first put it on was the very comfortable and soft fabric the shirt is made of. It’s a lightweight shirt, but thanks to the print on the inside which reflects your body heat, it’s still warm. Therefore the shirt is perfect to wear on colder fall and winter days. Thanks to this shirt you don’t have to wear ’10 layers’ on top of each other which restrict your movement. It ensures you stay warm and maintain freedom of movement while riding, a real plus! When the shirt is not warm enough on the coldest days you can wear it under a sweater to keep the advantages of the reflective print.''


Caitlin: “The shirt is perfect for the fall/winter. Or in summer when it’s a little chilly in the evenings. In short this shirt is super! Super pretty and easy. Definitely recommended!”

Joni: “It also stays quite clean, you can easily wipe dust from it. When you take the shirt out of the washer, it also dries quickly so I can put it on again fast. My new favourite shirt for this season!”

All three ladies are positive about the comfort and looks. What do you think? If you want to try the shirt yourself, you can have a look on our storelocator to find your nearest reseller.