29 April 2021

Blog - Blog - Review saddle pad Juliet

Ride in style towards the sun with our brand new summer collection. One of the summer items is saddle pad Juliet! Now summer is coming, it's time to test this must-have from our collection in practice. Our sponsor riders Emma Lawton and Amber Geens took this task upon themselves and wrote a short review to share their experiences. Read on and find out!


Amber: "What I immediately noticed about saddle pad Juliet was the light fabric it is made of in combination with the 3D-mesh on the back. The 3D-mesh and the layer of absorbing foam in the padding makes my horse sweat less under her saddle, which I was quite surprised about as my horse sweats a lot."

Emma: "I really love saddle pad Juliet. I chose the burgundy colour and it's great! The underside of the saddle pad is super soft against the horse's skin and it is absorbent. So it is suitable for a heavy workout on a hot day. Besides, my grey Wills has a sensitive skin and this pad was suitable for him because it doesn't chafe."

Anatomically shaped

Amber: "Saddle pad Juliet has a very nice anatomical fit. At first I thought the pad was a bit on the small side for under my dressage saddle, but this was absolutely not the case as you can see in the pictures. The pad follows the shape of my horse's back beautifully."

Emma: "The saddle pad has an anatomical fit which means it sits well above the withers and has a mesh strip over the spine for ventilation. I particularly like this as the back can get quite warm with a saddle pad and fur half pad. The elastic D-ring loops are very handy as they make it suitable for monoflap and normal saddles and use with a fur half pad. Because of these loops and the saddle loops, the rug stays nicely in place during use."

Extra pocket

Amber: "The saddle pad also has an invisible zip pocket. This is very handy for storing your mobile phone, or a hoof scraper or something like that when you go out hacking.”

Emma: "The pocket on the left side is something I haven't seen before, and I haven't used it until now, but I'm sure it will come in handy one day! And if you don't need it, it's not that visible anyway!"

Elegant look

Amber: "Saddle pad Juliet has an elegant yet sporty look due to the two-tone piping in combination with the deep dark green colour and the Q-pin on the left. In short, I am a fan of saddle pad Juliet! :)

Enthusiastic about saddle pad Juliet? Have a look at all the colours on our website or find your nearest equestrian shop with the store locator.