26 June 2020

Blog - Review saddle pad Airmesh

Saddle pad Airmesh is ideal for the summer. It is made of 3D mesh material, which makes the saddle pad breathable. In addition, the pad has an anatomically shaped back which prevents abrasions and provides an optimal fit. Time to put these important properties to the test. Our sponsor rider Angela Lakenberg took on this task and wrote a short review to share her experiences. Read on and find out more!

First impression

Angela: "The first thing I noticed about the saddle pad was the nice bright colour (Network) and the band with the Q on it. This makes the pad just a little bit different than usual."

Review saddle pad airmesh

The withers remained free at all times

"Once on the horse, I was really surprised about the super nice fit of this saddle pad. One of my horses has an incredibly high withers, which causes a lot of saddle pads to press on his withers or cause wrinkles just behind his withers. With saddle pad Airmesh he really didn't suffer at all from this! The withers remained completely free at all times, even after heavy training. Partly thanks to the fine short loops that you have to attach to the D-rings of your saddle, the withers stay even more open. I myself have a monoblade saddle (this saddle has one sweat blade, so you're closer to your horse). Usually I can't use these loops because they often have to be attached to the girth punches of the saddle. That makes this Airmesh saddle pad an extra big plus for me".

Review saddle pad Airmesh

The pad breathes very well

"Luckily we have had some very nice and warm days the last few weeks so I was able to test the saddle pad properly. After the training I noticed that my horse didn't have foam under the pad once. You could really feel that the mesh material pulls the moisture through the saddle pad as it were, without the pad itself getting very wet. So it breathes very well! For my idea, it dries much faster after training, so you can quickly use it again with another horse.

Often there are dried up sweat patches/stripes at the top of most saddle pads. This is not the case with this pad because of the fine material. Because of this, the saddle pad remains beautiful, even after several intensive training sessions. An ideal pad with all the properties you want from a saddle pad!

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