27 October 2020

Blog - Review riding tights Raquel

Do you like wearing tights all year round? Then maybe our riding tights Raquel will be perfect for you. Our sponsor riders Amber, Angela and Emma have tested it for you to make a well-founded decision. Read their experience in this blog!


Amber: “With these breeches, cold legs are a thing of the past. I get cold easily, so I wear thermal underwear when it gets colder. With these breeches that’s unnecessary. It’s so soft you’ll forget you’re wearing them.”

Angela: ”My first impression was that this tight might be my new favourite. The first thing that stands out when putting it on is the nice fit. The legging fits snugly everywhere, also around my calves and ankles where normal breeches tend to be too wide. You immediately feel the fleece lining is lovely and warm. This lining also makes the legging feel more firm than a regular legging, but still having the freedom of movement you’d expect from a legging. Really nice when (dis)mounting.

I often hear people are afraid a legging will sag or that the waistband will lose its shape. That won’t be a problem with these tights! The waistband is a little wider and has a fashionable V-shape. This not only looks nice, but also keeps it in place better. We’ve had a few colder days, and the fleece lining kept my legs warm. I also got the idea that sweat gets to the surface of the fabric, which makes my legs dry faster, which is really nice.”

Emma: “I really like the Raquel riding tights and I'm impressed with their design and quality. They are super soft on the inside making them warm and really comfortable, the phone pocket is a good size and fits a large phone in it and the full seat is grippy without being restrictive! I love the high waist on them too as it makes them even more comfortable and warm! They fit true to size and I have been wearing them daily for teaching and riding so they are ideal for anyone! I can’t fault these riding tights, I will be wearing them all winter!”


Amber: “The nicely finished silicone seat, the finishing on the phone pocket and the overlapping waistband make these pants AMAZING. I’m really glad I got to test it.”

Angela: “The legging looks really nice with the pretty silicone seat in a decorative pattern which doesn’t feel sticky. On the side there’s also a very convenient and quite big pocket for your phone. The fact that you don’t have to close any zippers or buttons is also a big plus. I think everybody knows how difficult it is to open or close pants with freezing hands!

I’ve worn and washed the leggings quite a lot already. After washing the leggings keep their shape and the silicone seat stays on. Usually with leggings you’ll notice after wearing them a few days in a row the fabric will seem to sag a little, but that’s not the case with these. After a few days the legging fits just as nicely as on the first day. After testing this legging I’m sure of it: I have a new favourite leggings!”

Did you like the looks of the leggings, but are you convinced you’ll like them after reading these reviews? Then find your resellers here.