6 August 2020

Blog - Review Puff pad Super grip

Is this saddle pad going to be a new favourite? The Puff Pad Super grip is a luxurious version of the well-known Puff Pad. This version has a silicone Q-print that prevents the pad from sliding while riding. Charlotte and Joëlle were the lucky winners of the social media give-away and tested the Puff pad Super grip extensively. Curious about what they thought of it? Read on!

Great colours

Joëlle: "Recently I was allowed to test the Puff pad Super grip of QHP Quality Horse Products. I chose to test the red one, but the saddle pad comes in many more great colours. I've jumped and cross ridden it and I'm totally sold!”

Sensitive skin

Joëlle: "My horse is very sensitive on the skin and gets the slightest swelling or irritation on the skin. Because of this unfortunately I can only ride with pads and not with saddle pads with nice stitching and edges. The Puff pad Super grip is perfect for this, my horse has no irritation or spots."

The saddle pad won't slide!

Charlotte: "The Puff pad Super grip has a very fine anatomical back. More over: it’s so specifically shaped that the pad stays clear of the withers, but isn’t too far from it either. I think I speak for many riders when I say that there are a lot of saddle pads that slide, and that this is more common with thicker saddle pads like this one. Well, I can tell you with full certainty that it is absolutely not the case with this saddle pad. I was a bit afraid of this myself, but nothing could be further from the truth. The Puff pad Super grip stays nicely, but when I put the saddle on top of it I could just move both at the same time."

Joëlle: "Unfortunately I often have pads that slide backwards under the saddle and sometimes put pressure on the spot where the girth goes through the pad. Because of the anti-slip print this pad stays perfectly in place. Really great!”

Charlotte: "I also find the webbing reinforcement a very useful addition. This keeps the saddle pad nicely protected, as well as the girth punches that have less friction to endure."

One minor remark

Charlotte: "One small criticism is that when it's warm and you train hard that day, a Puff pad is thick to train with. But something you can't prevent on a warm day is that the horse will sweat under a saddle pad. This is completely normal, and what I noticed right away was that somehow the Puff pad Super grip let a lot of moisture through and it seemed to disappear. I found this a very pleasant surprise, especially because it should be much more pleasant for the horse. At the moment my horse is not shaved, but I am almost sure that the Puff pad Super grip is even more pleasant to use, because it doesn't slide and has a pleasant inside for the horse.

I really enjoyed being able to test the Puff Pad Super grip, and I'm sure there will be a lot of training sessions to come with this saddle pad!"

Joëlle: "All in all, highly recommended!"

Got excited about the Puff pad Super grip? Take a look at all the colours on our website or find your nearest equestrian shop via the store locator.