15 November 2021

Blog - Review Outdoor boot Daan

Are you looking for a sturdy, waterproof outdoor boot for the cold winter days? Then outdoor boot Daan is perfect for you! Our sponsor riders Angela Lakenberg and Caitlin Teunissen have tested the boot from our winter collection extensively for you. Curious about their experiences? Then read on.

First Impression

Angela: "My first reaction when I took the boots out of the box was: finally, high boots for those cold winter nights. I get cold really easily, especially when I am teaching in the evening. These outdoor boots are very comfortable from the start. Breaking them in is not necessary at all, they are flexible enough for that. I have been wearing them every day since I got them.”

No more cold winter feet

Caitlin: "Because the boots are also high, they are definitely perfect for muddy rainy weather. No more dirty mud trousers and no hay and straw in your boots. The boots are waterproof and have a warm lining. So, finally no more cold winter feet. The boot is also safe because it has a sturdy rubber sole. This ensures a very good grip."

Angela: "I regularly go to see our young horses in the meadow, even in the mud and rain the boots hold up very well. Afterwards I often rinse the boots with water and a brush, they are so easy to clean and still waterproof. I have also tried them on during a few cold evenings teaching and when I come home in the evening my feet and calves are so warm. It is so nice that they are so high, on really cold evenings the lower boots are not enough to keep me warm, I don't have to worry about that with these boots!" 


Good fit

Angela: "I have very narrow calves, so most boots that are a bit higher are much too wide for me. These fit really well! For those of you with slightly wider calves, there is some elastic on the inside at the top for more comfort. I am still wearing thin riding socks, but the boots are wide enough that when it gets really cold I can wear thick socks without it being a problem that they are wider at the foot now.”

Caitlin: "The boot has a very nice fit and fits nicely. The zipper of this boot is on the side which makes it very easy to get the boots on and off quickly. The foot of the boot is fairly wide so your feet have enough room, even with thick socks." 

In short?

Angela: "Ideal boots for the winter, whether for teaching, stable work or whatever. I don't want anything else!"

Caitlin: "These boots are perfect for winter weather conditions!"

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