1 August 2023

Blog - Review Menton

The Menton collection: a chic look with beautiful colors and a luxurious design. We are absolutely fans! Horse trainer and influencer Anna Koopmans has tested this Menton collection and shares her experience with us. Wondering what Anna thinks of this collection? Then read on quickly!

Anna: "I really love the Menton collection! The saddle pad in combination with the tendon boots and the show rug makes the overall look really chic! Because the color (Plum) is really deep purple, I really get that "royalty" feeling. The matching shirt is comfortable and made of a fine fabric. This fabric wears pleasantly in the summer!"

The Menton collection is available in three different colors. The collection completes the outfit of both horse and rider. Are you curious which items all belong to this collection? Then check out the collection here.

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