25 October 2021

Blog - Review winterjacket Linde

With the cold winter days coming up, a nice warm jacket is almost indispensable. With winter jacket Linde you defy the cold with ease. Of course, this must-have from our winter collection had to be tested extensively by our sponsor riders Joni Vollenberg and Sabine Wenning. Curious what they think of it? Then read on.


Joni: "It is a nice elegant jacket and the fabric provides a neat look. The drawstrings at the waist allow you to tighten the jacket as much as you like. It fits very well. I like that you can fasten the hood so it doesn't flap and the sleeves are very comfortable against the wind when riding. Great for your hands." 


Use while riding

Sabine: "A very nice winter jacket. For both riding and stable work. The handy zipper in the back and the two-way zipper in the front make it easy to ride with."

Joni: "To be honest, I was a bit sceptical about using a long jacket with riding. I've never had a long jacket before. But after I opened up the zip at the back and the two-way zip at the front a bit, I was able to ride without any hindrance. Even jumping is no problem. I am positively surprised by this! Also, nothing flaps when you ride. So no spooky horses because of your jacket." 

Nice and warm

Sabine: "The jacket is waterproof but breathable, so no sweaty feeling after exertion. It's wonderfully warm because it's so long. I can defy the winter with this. Bring in the snow!!"

Joni: "For teaching in the winter or during cold dark evenings, this is my new favourite! What a wonderful jacket to teach with. I stay pleasantly warm because of the long jacket and can go on for hours. In short: I am very enthusiastic about this jacket. Wonderfully comfortable and warm. Bring on those cold days!"

Both ladies are very enthusiastic about winter jacket Linde, are you too? Check out our store locator for your nearest shop!