17 May 2021

Blog - Review breeches Zarah

Are you looking for a new, sporty and smart breeches for the summer? Then breeches Zarah is just the thing for you! Our sponsor riders Caitlin Teunissen and Joni Vollenberg have extensively tested the breeches from the new summer collection for you. Curious about their experiences? Then read on.

High wearing comfort

Caitlin: "What a cool trousers again! Riding breeches Zarah is highly recommended. The breeches are made of a very fine, supple, soft and stretchy fabric. This gives a super nice fit! The breeches fits perfectly and is a joy to wear. The high waist provides a nice finish, the trousers are very nice high so you can wear them all day without pressure spots or pain. It also keeps your shirt in place in your trousers."

Joni: "What beautiful riding breeches! I think the colour and details are sporty and neat. A beautiful look. I like to wear them when I have to go somewhere and want to look nice, like a training session. The comfort is also very high. The breeches are made of a very nice stretchy and supple fabric. The high waist ensures that it fits well and stays in place. The fabric is thin and cool. Ideal for hotter days in summer.

At the bottom of the legs there is a stretchy fabric that is not only very nice to put on, but also fits nicely to your lower leg. So there is no fabric double in your boot. I walk around in it all day and it's great!“

Water repellent

Joni: "The fabric does not get wet easily. This is because of the water repellent effect. It is not waterproof, but water does not soak into it quickly either. This is very handy when you have to wash your horses. You don't have to change immediately afterwards." 

Caitlin: "The colour is perfect for competition but also for wearing at home. The trousers are very airy and not warm, which makes them ideal for the summer season. Even bad weather is not a problem with these trousers as they are also water repellent, so you won't be stuck with annoying wet bottoms."

Subtle grip

Joni: "The motif of the silicone grip is subtle. This also ensures that the grip is not too heavy. I like to have freedom of movement and not be glued to the saddle, but still have the benefits of silicone grip. These breeches are the perfect balance for me."

Caitlin: "The full anti-slip provides a very good grip on your saddle and is not too noticeable. The breeches have large pockets that are ideal for your phone or keys, for example. They are also very nicely finished with ample belt loops, so any belt will fit nicely on these trousers."

Small details

Caitlin: "What makes these trousers so special is that they have lots of little details that are not too noticeable, but which still make them fantastically beautiful! The beige colour of the trousers can be combined with so many things, making it super easy to create an outfit!"

Joni: "After washing out the trousers, they remain in the same condition. It doesn't get tighter or looser and it stays beautiful. It also dries quickly. Which is handy when you want to wear it again soon. I am very happy with the trousers. They fit very well, are comfortable and look beautiful!

Did you become as enthusiastic about breeches Zarah as Joni and Caitlin? Check our store locator to find your nearest sales point.