17 June 2020

Blog - Review breeches Saona

It's all about the details... Riding breeches Saona has a luxurious look because of the rose gold details. That's why these riding breeches are one of our favorites from the summer collection 2020. The riding breeches is made of a water repellent fabric and has an anti-slip pattern on the inside of the legs. It is time to test this favorite. Three of our sponsor riders have taken on this task. Curious about the experiences of Amber Geens, Amber van Heghe and Sabine Wenning? Then read on.

Very comfortable

Amber Geens: "What immediately struck me the first time I put them on was the extremely comfortable, soft and airy fabric that the breeches are made of. This makes the pants ideal to wear on warm spring and summer days. The fit is also very pleasant, the pants fit nicely around my legs.

Amber van Heghe: "Good riding starts with good equipment! My first impression of riding breeches Saona was that the riding breeches have a very thin and airy fabric, which is ideal in the warm weather".

Sabine Wenning: "A super fine summer pants! Riding breeches Saona is very breathable because of the light fabric. It's also very nice that the pants are so stretchy. A big plus is that there are no stitching over the front of the legs. This makes the riding breeches super comfortable".

Water-repellent fabric

Amber Geens: "I tested the pants on sunny days as well as in the rain. The airy water-repellent fabric kept my legs nice and dry in the rain. The raindrops just stayed on the pants! In sunny weather the pants gave me a fresh feeling compared to my other riding breeches".

Amber van Heghe: "While showering the horses it surprised me that the pants are water-repellent, which is great if you ride several horses".

Chic rose gold details

Sabine Wenning: "I also think the riding breeches are very stylish because of the beautiful finish with the rose gold details. Because of my long legs, I often find that the pants are a bit too short. That’s totally not the case with this model, the riding breeches are long enough and fit great!

Amber Geens: "When I went riding with the riding breeches for the first time, some of my stable mates complimented me on the chic and sporty look of the pants. The non-slip pattern gives the pants a very sporty look on the one hand and the rose gold finish gives it a chic touch on the other hand. As far as my taste goes, a perfect match between the two!

Amber van Heghe: "The lovely detail finishing of the rose gold zippers make these riding breeches a real beauty!

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