15 December 2021

Blog - Review breeches Aylinn

It's time for a new review of our winter collection. This time it is the turn for riding breeches Aylinn. This sporty softshell breeches is the ideal breeches for the winter. The breeches have a socalled brushed inside and the fabric is stretchy and water repellent. Enough properties for our sponsor riders Amber Geens and Mar Munné Garcia to test these breeches extensively. Curious about their experiences? Then read on.

First Impression

Amber: "I was immediately in love with softshell breeches Aylinn because of the very pleasant, soft and comfortable fabric these breeches are made of. Also the fine, sporty and handsome finish immediately caught my eye, a real eye catcher!" 


Mar: "The riding breeches are very comfortable and breathable. Although the breeches are lined, it doesn't bother you when you're riding. And now that it is colder, the breeches keep you nice and warm. Also, the breeches are very elastic and the high waist makes them very comfortable."

Amber: "When I put the breeches on for the first time, they felt good right away. Riding breeches Aylinn has a very pleasant and good fit. It fits nicely. The high waist is a big plus for me, because I love breeches with a high waist. Breeches with a high waist fit my body type better (short torso and long legs with slightly wider hips). The high waist ensures that you don't get annoying pressure spots on your hips so you can wear the breeches for a long time without any problems. It also keeps your shirt in place.

When riding, the breeches are very comfortable because of the supple and stretchy fabric used. The non-slip seat ensures a good grip in the saddle. Because this is a medium grip, you are not completely 'stuck' to the saddle. You sit firmly with enough freedom of movement, which I think is an absolute must to enjoy riding.” 

Water repellent

Mar: "The outer fabric is waterproof and keeps you dry when it rains or when you get wet. When the breeches get wet, the drops stay on them and do not soak into the fabric. If you wipe the outside, the breeches dry very quickly. Ideal for cold and rainy days. After washing, despite the inner lining, the breeches dry very quickly and do not lose elasticity and the soft texture of the fleece is retained."

Amber: "The riding breeches are perfect to wear during colder autumn and winter days because of the fleece lining. Despite the brushed inside, the breeches are not too warm because of the temperature control that is incorporated. This will prevent you from sweating. The softshell keeps out the cold wind, and the breeches dry quickly after riding in the rain. Even small drops of rain or water do not get through, because the trousers are water-repellent.”

Final conclusion?

Mar: "In short, it is a beautiful, very practical and comfortable pair of breeches. Highly recommended, it will be my first choice for the cold days!"

Amber: "In other words, riding breeches Aylinn is highly recommended!"

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