28 April 2022

Blog - Review Microfiber rug

https://www.qhp.nl/deken-microfiber-collection.htmlhttps://www.qhp.nl/deken-microfiber-collection.htmlThe warm Summer months are coming up. Therefore, this thin Summer rug made of microfiber fabric from our Summer collection is perfect for your horse! Ideal to use after rinsing or washing your horse. The fabric absorbs the water easily so that the horse is dry quickly. Ideal! Our sponsor riders Angela Lakenberg and Caitlin Teunissen tested the rug for you. Curious what they think of it? Read on! 

Chic look

Caitlin: “It is a very nice blanket that is finely finished with beautiful details. The gold details give the blanket a professional look!”

Angela: “Let me start by mentioning that this colour is really one of my favorite colours right now! The blanket also has a super chic look because of the gold trim and the text Equestrian Sports on the side. The gold-coloured trim also comes back in the black piping and webbing which makes it a nice overall look.” 

Great fit

Angela: “The blanket has a good fit with a wide neck cutout. On both sides at the attachment of the belly ring is elastic for extra comfort. Even after several uses on different horses, the fit remains the same, the blanket does not stretch as you often see with other "normal" sweat rugs. If you are hesitating between two sizes, I recommend going for the smaller size, because the rug is nice wide and long. The blanket also has a double closure on the chest with a flap over it that not only protects the closure but gives the blanket that extra touch. This makes the rug also very suitable for competitions.”

Caitlin: “Ideal for summer and winter time! The blanket has a fine structure and fits nicely to the horse. The flap that covers the closure is easy to remove. The belly rings are provided with an elastic end, this is fine for sensitive or young horses.” 

Absorbent fabric

Caitlin: “The blanket is ideal to use for when you go on a competition. The blanket absorbs water very fast and it dries quickly, which is ideal after a wash. The blanket is also ideal for the winter, the horses are dry quickly! In short, it is a very nice blanket with many useful functions. I am a fan!”

Angela: “The airy microfiber fabric makes this blanket ideal for days when a sweat blanket is too thick, yetstill a bit too cool to let them dry without a blanket. The blanket is also wonderfully soft inside. I have used the blanket a lot after hosing down and washing the horses, because of the microfiber fabric the blanket quickly absorbs a lot of water so your horse is dry again in no time. Also on the trailer/truck the horses dry up very nicely under the blanket. That makes this blanket really ideal for both at competitions, and at home after washing your horse!" 

After reading this, are you also enthusiastic about the microfiber blanket? Then check out where your nearest store is in our store locator!