20 January 2023

Blog - Review Winterjacket Linde

Are you looking for a warm winter jacket during the cold days? Then winter jacket Linde from our winter collection 22/23 is perfect for you! With this long quilted jacket the cold days in the stable are no longer a problem anymore. Horse trainer and influencer Anna Koopmans has tested this jacket and shares her experience with us. Curious about what Anna thinks of the jacket? Then read on!

Anna: "I am a big fan of the QHP Linde jacket. This jacket is super warm, so perfect for the cold winters! This jacket is very fitted because of the drawstring at the waist. I work in my own stables, so in addition to riding my horses, I have to muck and clean more than 20 stables every day. The Linde jacket is good for both! The jacket does not restrict your movements at all and the zipper in the back allows you to ride comfortably. Only positive things to say about this jacket!"

This elegant winter jacket is available in two chic colours, namely olive and navy. Besides the zipper at the back, the jacket also features a loop with a snap button to fasten the hood. The button prevents the hood from flapping due to strong winds or while riding. The jacket also features elastic sleeve ends to ensure that no wind and rain will blow in. In short, with this winter jacket you will no longer be cold in the stable or while riding!

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