12 May 2022

Blog - HELP! First aid for insects.

The time of insects is here again. Think about, flies, dazen and mosquitoes. These insects can be very annoying and even harmful to your horse. To make it as pleasant as possible for your horse, we highlight a number of articles that you need for this period.

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Halter-fly mask combi

This head collar features an attached fly mask. This way the horse is well protected against insects, but can also be lead or tied. The top of the mask is elasticized for a good fit around the face. The cheekpieces, noseband and browband are lined with fleece for extra comfort.

Anti-fly fringe extra

With a fly fringe your horse can keep flies off his head. This model features a crown and throatlatch so that it can be used without a head collar.

Fly Mask with detachable nose flap

This fly hood can be used in several ways. With this fly hood, the nose flap can be removed by means of hook and loop fasteners. The mask is made of a sturdy mesh, with elastane ears for high wearing comfort. The coloured part is made of breathable material so that the horse's head does not heat up too much.

Fly Mask Super bug

Fly Mask Super bug is designed to make wearing a fly mask as comfortable as possible for the horse. The smooth and elastic fabric feels like a second skin. The mesh at the ears and eyes provides a clear view and keeps the flies and insects away. In addition, the opening at the front keeps the forelock free. The mask is easy to close with the zipper at the bottom.


Fly mask Solaire

With this fly mask with 70% UV protective finish, your horse is protected from the bright sun. The mask is made of sturdy mesh, with elastane ears to make it highly comfortable. It is also made of breathable, light coloured material to prevent the horse's head from heating up too much.

Anti-fly fringe Knotted

With a fly fringe, your horse can keep the flies off his head. This knotted fly fringe is easily attached to the head collar by means of two buckles.

Botfly knife

The larvae of bot flies can cause nasty infections. Prevent infections by removing the botfly eggs from the horse's coat. This knife has a special shape to reach crevices easily and remove the eggs.

Fly sheets

Last but not least, of course, we must not forget the rugs. Fly rugs are important in addition to the (head)-accessories to keep the insects at a distance. Do you want a fly rug without a neck? Then the fly rug collection is a good option. Would you rather have a rug complete with neck and mask? Then click on the picture. We also offer a fly rug for foals. Are you curious what other fly rugs we have in our assortment? Then take a look here!

Use the store locator to find the nearest store! We wish you a lot of fun shopping and a fly free summer!