30 May 2022

Blog - Review windjack Demi

Looking for a thin summer jacket that you can easily carry in a waist bag? We have one of those in our summer collection of 2022! Our sponsor riders Joni and Mar Munné tested Windbreaker Demi for you and spoiler alert: they are pretty excited! 


Joni: "Windbreaker Demi is available in my favorite colour navy. The lightweight jacket is made of thin material which makes it easy to take the jacket with you in the included waist bag."

Mar Munné: "The jacket is super comfortable and thanks to the elastic bands at the bottom it fits nicely. Ideal for sports and leisure. Also, the jacket takes up almost no space and can be stored perfectly in the waist bag." 


Joni: "The model of the jacket is short. Because of the elastic bands at all ends, it seals well and is windproof. It actually fits with any riding breeches and it looks sporty."

Mar Munné: "The jacket keeps the wind out well, is not too warm and also not too stuffy when the sun is shining."


Mar Munné: "The reflective stripes make it ideal for outdoor rides to be highly visible. With two zippered pockets, it's ideal for storing your keys or mobile. Although you can also put this nicely in the waist bag so it doesn't bother you while riding. Also, it's super easy to wash and it dries very quickly."

Joni: "The jacket is ideal to take with you on competitions or at the end of a summer day when it cools down a bit. It's not that warm, but just that little extra against, for example, a fresh wind.

Because of the thin light fabric it is no trouble at all to take this jacket with you. It fits in the waist bag, but also in any other bag, like your handbag!"

Enthusiastic about Windjack Demi after reading Joni and Mar Munné's findings? Check our store locator for a store near you!