2 December 2022

Blog - Parties, decorations and lots of horse fun!

The coziest time of the year is coming. Think of Christmas and New Year's Eve. Or your own birthday, which of course also falls under a holiday! Central in this holidays are being together, coziness and celebrations. Together with family, friends and of course your four-legged friend! And celebrating includes decorating, also for your horse. So read this blog to find inspiration for the holidays with your horse.

Transform yourself into a reindeer

Party, brunch, horseback riding and dinner - it sounds like a typical Christmas day! But for horseback riding, of course you don't put on one of your normal sets. How do you go horseback riding in style at Christmas? With the Christmas collection of QHP of course! You can wear a nice cap cover of a Christmas elf, reindeer or just a Christmas hat. Also the Christmas knee stockings can come out of the closet again and of course your dog gets the Christmas rug. Now you're all set. Face the snow and off to the stable..

Camouflage your horse in Christmas spirit

Once in the stable, your horse is a bit out of place. Don’t worry, also for your horse there are nice Christmas items available. Like a red riding rug with a white fur collar, cool Christmas ear nets, bandages, saddle pads and head collars. Complete the look with the fur lining with Christmas bells or the crown piece accessory. On your horse's butt you can create even more figures with the brush patterns. Ho hoo hooo!

Good food and firework

When Christmas is over, the New Year is already upon us! You immediately think of doughnuts, apple turnovers and fireworks. Of course, you can't pull out your normal outfit when you go horseback riding. That’s why the Celebrate collection was developed. The collection consists of a festive saddle pad, ear net and headpiece accessories. Not to mention fun horse knee stockings for yourself. So you and your horse steal the show once again.

Happy birthday to…

You! And that needs to be celebrated. Decorate yourself with garlands and make your outfit complete with a festive cap cover. And for your horse there is a party hat. Freshen up the look with colourful extensions, mane clips, cap covers and bridle charms. Your birthday can't go wrong!

Inspiration with your outfit

But what can you do with these awesome outfits? Besides of course stealing the show at the stable, you can make your own personal Christmas card! Or a nice photo or reel for on social media. When it's your birthday you can also make a birthday invitation with your own photo. Or organize a horse costume party! You can also appear in the ring dressed up for competitions. The possibilities are endless. But that you will stand out, that is one thing for sure!

Hopefully you got some inspiration from our holiday blog. Check out our store locator for the nearest store in your area. Happy holidays!