1 November 2021

Blog - Discover our new festive Christmas collection

With our Christmas collection, you’ll instantly be in the wintery holiday mood. Decorate your horse like a Christmas tree and get on your horse like Santa himself.


Do you dress your horse with a Rudolph ear net, or do you pick the bridle accessory? Both will instantly transform him into the Christmas mood. And do you know what the best part is? With the helmet cover, you will be a perfect match. Want to finish the look completely? Then put on the Rudolph stockings.

Rudolph costume


Transform your horse and yourself into Santa’s helpers with the Elf accessories from our Christmas collection. Pull on the stockings and put on the helmet cover to transform yourself. Make your horse match with the elf crown piece accessory or ear net.

Elf costume


With this outfit, they will spot you from miles away! This cozy, classic Christmas set features red fleece and white imitation fur. For your horse, this set contains a saddle pad, exercise sheet, bandages, bridle covers with jingle bells and an ear net. To style yourself to your horse, we’ve got you covered with a Santa hat. Or pick a reindeer look with hat for yourself and your horse.

Santa costume


Do you prefer a casual look, but still want to decorate your horse a little? Then pick a bridle charm from our Christmas collection. Then you can join the festivities, but with a subtle look.

Christmas bridle charm

Fancy paddock festivities

Prefer to celebrate Christmas next to your horse. With a garland head collar, or head collar with Rudolph or elf print, you will fit right in. Dress yourself to match with Christmas stockings that match your horse’s head collar.

Christmas head collars