24 April 2023

Blog - Natural Horsemanship

Do you also enjoy working with your horse in freedom and do you find variety in your training important? Then our new Natural Horsemanship articles are perfect for you and your horse! In this blog we will tell you more about these new articles, so you can get started right away.

Bitless Riding

For horses with a sensitive mouth a bit can be annoying, a bitless bridle can be a solution! By using an anatomical bitless bridle you avoid pressure in the mouth as well as other sensitive points and nerves of the horse's head. Bitless bridle Anatomical is a suitable bridle for horses with a sensitive mouth and head. This bridle has a special curved noseband that causes it to lie higher on the nose, and is thereby avoiding the sensitive, low part of the horse's nose. In addition, the noseband does not press against the molars, preventing irritation in the mouth.

Riding in freedom

In addition to riding without a bit, you can of course also ride without a saddle! This is not only for fun, but also increases your feeling for riding, the trust between you and your horse and you can improve your seat. Riding without a saddle is just not always comfortable. To make it as comfortable as possible you can use a bareback pad. Bareback pad super soft is equipped with removable faux fur and sturdy stirrups for a soft, stable seat. The anatomical shape, non-slip layer and V-single system ensure a good position on your horse. Do you prefer to ride in complete freedom without a saddle and bridle? Then use the neck rope leather to control your horse without the need for a bridle.

Variety in riding

Variety in your training is important to keep it fun for you and your horse. After all, who gets happy doing the same thing every day? Therefore, alternate your training with ground work, for example, go for bitless training. With rope halter set multifunctional you can go either way! The rope halter is suitable for riding with or without a bit. In addition, you can use the halter for ground work and natural horsemanship with the detachable reins and front strap.

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