9 June 2020

Blog - Review sport shirt Aleyna

Anouk Slabbers

Sport shirt Aleyna has been developed as the perfect training shirt for the summer: UV resistant with a fast drying and breathable fabric. This sport shirt also has a mesh insert at the bottom of the sleeves. Enough points to have this shirt extensively tested by three of our sponsor riders. Read more about what Joni Vollenberg, Emma Lawton and Anouk Slabbers think of sport shirt Aleyna.

Sporty look

Emma: "What immediately struck me when I saw sports shirt Aleyna was the sporty look. The composition of different fabrics in combination with the text along the zipper creates a sporty edge. The colours are also very beautiful!”

EmmaEmma Lawton

Perfect for warmer days

Anouk: "I ride several horses a day and for me it is important that my clothes don't get sweaty. At the end of the day I often don't feel fresh anymore, but with this shirt I really noticed that the fabric is breathing. I'm less likely to get warm and have less perspiration".

Joni: "I love this shirt! The fabric is very breathable and light, making it ideal for warmer days. Especially the mesh inserts on the underside of the arms are very fine. I didn't get it too hot when wearing it on the warmer days and yet it gave me UV protection. This is important to me when riding many horses".

Emma: "I get warm very soon when I train in the summer sun, but not with this shirt! This shirt stays cool, doesn't stick and feels nice and airy. The fabric is very supple and elastic so it shapes to every movement with every movement".

Joni Vollenberg

Which is also not unimportant...

Anouk: "Not unimportant is that it stays well after washing(at 40 degrees), it dries very quickly and does not need to be ironed".

Joni: "The fit of the shirt is great: it is true to its size, the sleeves are a good length (not too short or too long) and the length of the shirt is good so you can tuck it in your breeches without it looking messy".

Emma: "Even after washing, the shirt dries very quickly. So I can wear it again quickly. The colour remains beautiful after several washes. It still looks like new!"

Have you become enthusiastic about sport shirt Aleyna? Check it out on our website or find your nearest equestrian shop via the storelocator.